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Bachelor Party


Larry Of The Month represents those bachelor parties that are FUBAR! Get a great laugh at reading these true stories below!

Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party StoriesBachelor party Murphy's Law
I don't get out much as I have a girlfriend for the last 5 years and I am only 26. For my buddies bachelor party, we hired some bachelor party strippers and I only wish I knew about your site back then. We had the party in Las Vegas in a room at the Mandalay Bay hotel. We started off with drinking and then were ready for the girls. When the doorbell rang, the bachelor party strippers were dudes since the fricken best man ordered strippers without stating they should be female. We paid them something for the mistake and then went downstairs and partied hard. We went to some strip clubs I lost my wallet, and the groom got into a fight with a large guy after he said he was flirting with his girlfriend! All in all we had a great time but I never did find my wallet which sucked since I needed to get an ID to take my flight back home. Can you top that?

What Happened at the Bachelor Party
Talking about a real "The Hangover", my possie and I went out for a ragin bachelor party in Mexico. We stayed at a Mansion we found on your bachelor party location ideas page which was awesome! The mistake was venturing out while drinking with the groomsmen instead of staying and calling some talent. We went into town and raged at a few bars. My buddie hooked up with a local girl who was smokin hot. Her friends were also cute although I thought one looked like a transvestite. As we partied, we got more and more drunk to the point of which my friend who hooked up stated he wanted to get married to the girl he met (which we talked him out of) and I think I ate two worms in a tequila bottle. Needless to say, I don't remember how we got back to the bachelor party pad but did wake up with a phone number of a girl who I cannot remember (hope she was cute). The bachelor party moral of the story is, make sure not to drink enough to not remember! I wish we had a camera of pictures like they did on the movie The Hangover.

Bachelor Party Blunder
I was the best man at my friend's bachelor party and we decided to go to Louisiana for his party for the weekend. We had 10 guys and partied down in New Orleans which was a blast. We all got so hammered at the bars and were throwing mardi gras beads at the girls. We found another bachelorette party and partied hard with them until around 1:00. Then the bachelor party blunders started happening. First, one of our friends got arrested for indecent exposure when he was urinating outside the bar. Then one of the girls fell and another was upchucking at the bar so we were trying to help them. The finale was the groom got so drunk that he started to urinate on the bar floor behind the counter! That is when he was grabbed by the bartender and stated he was calling the police. We freaked out and asked the bartender nicely to help us out and that we would take him home. He said he already called the police. That is when one of my friends pushed him back and we all ran every which way, all getting away and hiding for the night. What a bachelor party that I never want to experience again but it was a crazy story to tell!

Bachelor Party Rockstar Supernova
One of the funniest bachelor party memories I have is when we took my buddy and handcuffed him to the Paris Doll and Eva Longoria Doll. We dressed him in the pimp hat and cool ruffled outfit and had each of us with flash cameras.? We acted like we were the paparazzi, snapping tons of pictures of him and placed him in dark shades.? We were at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas (bachelor party city of the world) and had a great amount of attention.? The bachelor got pretty tanked and poped one of the dolls, dragging the lifeless Paris doll around the hotel.? It was an event to remember and the pictures will be used for blackmale for the years to come!? I would suggest anyone having a bachelor party to strap the bachelor to dolls whether it is the ones we chose or the lamb, fatty patty or the others that bachelor party fun has on their dolls page.

Bachelor Party Lookout
At my friends bachelor party, I was in charge of bringing the female strippers. I called an agency that I thought was reliable as my friend gave me the recommendation. We had 12 groomsmen and my friend is in the entertainment industry as an executive. First, the girls that showed up (2 hours late) were very homely and came with a creepy guy who was sketchy. We told them to leave and I then had three guys start calling around. We finally found an agency that came 2 hours later (now 12:00am) and gave a marginal show. Not only that but they stole the groom's cologne and some money. The bachelor party safety tip is 1) Don't leave the strippers alone in a room with personal belongings, 2) Make sure you get a recommendation and that the girls you choose are the strippers that are going to show up and 3) Have a back up plan for entertainment, whether another company or just go out with your buddies and have a great time!

Stripped and Robbed
On the second day at my bachelor party my three friends, brother and I went to a strip bar in Las Vegas (we should have gone to Olympic Gardens). My buddy who was an ex pro ball player took us to the private room of the bar. I walked into the VIP room with my friends and the strippers that followed us in. It was extremely dark and looked very much like the non-VIP room. The girls escorted us to a back table and had us sit around in comfy chairs. The next thing I know there were girls all around talking to us as they sipped champagne from bottles that were constantly reordered and kept flowing! At a few points I turned my friend who brought us in there and asked how much this was going to cost! He said "Don't worry about it and to have fun." Although it was fun hanging out with my buddies, the girls were nothing special and were actually rude at times (imagine that....rude strippers!) When we finally decided 2 hours later to leave, all nice and drunk, the bill arrived. We were told it was $9,000.00! My mouth hit the floor as we decided to place it on my friend's credit card. We basically got screwed big time! We were later told by a cab driver that for the same money we spent in that strip bar, he would have provided us with a cheerleading team, the band and a few midgets! Let's see someone top that story!

Strip, Fall and Ditch
My buddies and I had our friend's bachelor party at a hotel on the third floor. We all got toasted and then the stripper girls arrived. Both were not cute and actually one had bad acne. We made the best of it as the two girls got on each other! The only stayed around ten minutes and left. We paid them around $300 dollars which was not cool! At one point I went to speak with a friend of mine who was sitting on the hotel balcony. When I went out the door, I noticed he was not there! There was only one place he could be which was down on the ground after falling off the balcony drunk! I couldn't see him but screamed down and sure enough he answered me. The lucky bastard actually didn't even break a bone after falling three stories since he was drunk. He even fell on soft dirt and was only a foot away from concrete as well as a protruding sprinkler head between his legs! After we picked him up, we got into a party buss that took us to a bar. The bar was lame so we went outside to get into the buss and go to another stop and the buss ditched us! We had to call our girlfriends to pick us up and all go home! How lame!

I Am Superman
My buddies took me to Vegas for my bachelor party. There were 30 of us and we are a wild group of guys. When we got to The Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, they took me upstairs and had me start drinking shots. I paced myself but got a little buzzed. They then presented me with the outfit for the night which was a tight spandex Superman outfit. Understand that I am a 5'7" guy in a spandex superman outfit in Vegas. I couldn't say no so I put it on and we went down to the Pink Taco restaurant where we proceeded to drink more and more shots and drinks. I partied with all the other bachelorette party girls in the restaurant and found myself dancing by myself to the music they were playing in the restaurant. I did not know (my friends told me later on) that there were about 100 people watching me (superman) dance by myself until I ate it on the floor. We then went outside to get a taxi and I decided superman would stop a card so I went into the valet area and placed my hand out to stop the next car that was coming(again since I am superman) which was two hookers in a corvette. They were inching their car up on me even though I am superman at the time so I jumped on their hood! They were not happy and either was the Valet so we got out of there fast. The rest of my time was spent puking up my lungs (as their must have been kryptonite in my drink) but I had a great time. I hope you add my story tothe Larry of the Month Section.

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