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Bachelor Party Themes

If you want to be unique with your party and add a little more of a cool vibe, we have listed our top bachelor party theme ideas to use in making your bachelor party a memorable one. Remember to give the guys enough time to plan on what they will wear and not tell them right before the last night out so they have time to get creative and plan elaborate outfits.

Additional Themes For Your Bachelor Party

Here are some additional bachelor party themes in making your party a major success and memorable:

17) Cowboy Rock Star - Have all the bachelors dress as cowboys with jeans and their favorite western hats. Don't ya'll forget big belt buckles as well. Treat the ladies nice and you may find your own Filly.

18) Trailer Park Trash - There is nothing like wearing low cut jeans with a dirty t-shirt. Have the bachelors dress with their favorite chain, lots of piercings, tats and rings as well as nice f'd up teeth you can get at a costume or joke store.

19) Fruit-Of-The-Loom Guys - Go bachelor party crazy and have everyone dress up as their favorite fruit of the loom characters. You are sure to get great laughs. You can either make these costumes or get them at a costume shop.

20) Secret Service - Go 007 for the bachelor party and have everyone dress in black suites with sun glasses (and phone buds). Make the bachelor feel like he is well protected. You will get a lot of stares from the girls since they all love to hook up with agents!

21) Mental Ward - Dress up the bachelor in a straight jacket along with all other bachelor party members acting crazy (and dressing bizarre). It will be a lot of fun and you can be as goofy and obnoxious as you want.

22) Favorite Celebrities - Have everyone dress up as their favorite celebrities. Choose funny characters from movies (like Caddyshack or The Hangover). Have everyone wear name tags with the star or character's name on them.

23) Chippendale Party - Every girl loves a Chippendale. Have all the bachelors dress up as an exotic dancer group  that just got off work. Turn the heads of girls as you enter the bar and party. Create fake routines and talk shop when around the ladies which will be a riot. One of our bachelor party favorite themes.

24) The Hangover Party - If you have not seen The Hangover yet, you have been living under a rock. For those of us who have, create a hangover party and visit the same places in vegas that they did in the movie. You can also have the bachelor party participants dress up as their favorite character. Just don't place the bachelor on the roof of any hotel and watch out for Mr. Chang!

25) Futuristic Party - Everyone loves people from the future! Have all the bachelors dress up in crazy outfits and celebrate like it is the year 3000. Tell the ladies what its like in the future where women only wear bikinis and that people only drink alchohol. Have the group talk in some gibberish or in code which will freak people out.

26) Men In Black Party - Have all the guys dress in black with black sunglasses. Act professional and serious (seriously funny). Carry around a bachelor party mascot (blow up doll) and dress her up in the same black clothes and sun glasses.

27) Bachelor Party for Nerds - Every hot playmate loves a nerd. Dress up at the bachelor party with your pocket protectors, pencils, thick black glasses with tape in the middle and wear out of date clothing that is too tight or to long (of course not matching). Play the movie Nerds at some point at the party and get loads of laughs if you are out on the town as well as some flirtatious eyes from the women!

28) La Cage a Follies - Simply, dress up for the bachelor party as women and pretend you are having a bachelorette party. See how many heads turn as you and the groomsmen wear your sexy finest and go out on the town with your purse, sash and all. This is a crazy enough idea to work as the women who see you fall in love and wonder if they are lesbian.

29) Vampires and Werewolves - Twilight movie was such a hit with the women that you should separate the group into werewolves and vampires. Dress up in edgy clothing that is like prior to their changing into these creatures.  You can personalize bachelor party t-shirts with Team Werewolf or whatever you want and have some fun with this.

30) Over the top Bachelor Party - Dress the groom to be up with as many bachelor party supplies as you can and bring in tons of bachelor party decorations. Make sure everyone knows this is the Costco size bachelor party of the century. Don't forget the Mardi Gras beads.

31) The Bums That You Are - Have all your buddies dress as bums, like no one has any funds and that you just got off the streets. You can place in missing teeth, dirty tank tops, don't shave. Have some fun with it and see if the girls believe you guys are off the streets! A really fun and easy costume to put together!

32) Spartacus - Have everyone at the bachelor party dress as gladiators and speak in an artful tongue. Thy bachelor party fun awaits as you all wear garb of Rome or Greece. Think of funny names for everyone like Erectus, Fabulous, Marcus Hepatitis, Herpeus Maxiumus. A great time will be had by all - Now let's feast!

33) Old Man Convention - Get a make-up buddy to make you all look like you just got out of the old age conference. Place moth ball smells on your clothing you can get at any second hand store. Grey out your hair or wear bald wigs and bottle top glasses. Have some fun with this.

34) Too Young To Get Married - For the bachelor party, have everyone dress up as a baby in a large depends diaper, bib, and pacifiers. This is very daring and you need a crazy group of buddies to pull this off but you will get great laughs. Fill up the baby bottles with your favorite mixed bachelor party drinks.

35) Mad Men Party - If you like the show that brings back the good old times of us guys in nice suits and egos the size of planets, then a Mad Men theme is in store for you at your buddy's bachelor party. Dressing up snazzy will only get the females talking and hanging with your group!




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