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How to Date a Stripper
By a Professional

Bachelor Party StripperThe article below is given to us by a veteran entertainer of the bachelor party industry that knows her stuff:

So, you hired a stripper for your buddy's bachelor party. Probably expected just another wild night, but this one turned out a little different: you are genuinely attracted to this stripper. You want to date her. You want a stripper girlfriend. "But what do I do?" you ask yourself. "How could I possibly impress her?"

Relax. Seriously, relax, because strippers are not attracted to men who are high strung or act desperate. A stripper's life is full of unpredictability and excitement, so she needs a man who knows how to "chill out." Like any woman, all a stripper wants is a man she can feel happy and comfortable around.

Now you are probably thinking "Great! I'm not desperate; I get laid all the time!" That may be true, but don't expect to charm her too quickly just because she takes her clothes off for a living. That's the worst thing you can do. You may be handsome, rich, and intelligent, but you are also one other thing: replaceable. Hello! Strippers are around rich dudes almost every night! So be humble and don't try too hard to impress her with your Porsche. Of course, owning one won't hurt your chances either...

Now let's talk about what you shouldn't do. Never act condescending or judgmental by asking too many questions. If you don't want to date a stripper then don't date one. Don't be insecure about her job. All women hate insecure men. That's science fact.

If you just treat your stripper girlfriend with respect, she'll treat you with respect too. In other words, if don't ask her why she got home an hour late, she won't describe how she licked her coworkers' chi-chi's at your parents' dinner table. Unless that's what they want to talk about.

Speaking of not asking too many questions, specifically don't ask a stripper about her tattoos. They hate talking about them, and no one knows why. If that sounds silly to you, don't worry. As long as you handle the situation well, you will have plenty of time to look at your favorite tattoo at the end of the night.

Ok, so now you probably get the point. To date a stripper, you need to be a chilled out dude with a good attitude who doesn't make her feel uncomfortable. Now go for it! Oh, one last thing. The single most important tip I can give you for dating a stripper is this: Don't let your wife find out!

By: Suriya Sosa
Owner of the top New Orleans Strip Agency
~Better than a Strip Club!




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