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Bachelor Party Games

If you are planning a bachelor party, one of the most memorable parts of the evening will be the bachelor party games you play. There are so many bachelor party games to choose from. An important aspect when figuring out what to bring to the bachelor party is knowing the temperament of the bachelor. Does he embarrass easily, does he want a classy bachelor party, or does he like you to bring on the best hazing you've got!

Also take into consideration the venue you are going to as to which bachelor party games you should play and which are appropriate for the audience that may be around you and the other bachelors. We have all of the top bachelor party games in our bachelor party shopping section. Below we have listed some of the more popular bachelor party games to choose from:

Bachelor Party Game - Top game of the month
Bachelor Party Blow Up Doll Contest - A really fun idea is to get a few bachelor party blow up dolls as well as a few pumps and have a contest with the groomsmen on seeing who can first blow up the blow up doll fast enough, then lay the doll down and get on it showing the most positions within a one minute time with the doll. You will have your buddies rolling in stitches as you watch them blow up their favorite celebrity blow up doll, get on them in different positions. Give out a shot to the winner!

Bachelor Party Word Search:
If you are looking for a great and easy bachelor party game, check out this word search game by clicking here. See which of your bachelors can find the most hidden words in the fastest time. A Bachelor Party Fun original. By a shot for the groomsmen who completes it first.

Don't Say A Word:
Have the best man or bachelor tell everyone what word or words cannot be stated during the evening or it is a mandatory drinking moment. Such words as bachelor party, stripper, swear word, the bride's name, etc are fun words to choose. See who gets caught the most and who can stay clear of the words chosen which makes for a fun bachelor party game!

The Bachelor Party Ball and Chain Autograph Signature:
Bachelor party is synonymous with a ball n chain around the bachelor's ankle. Get an inflatable bachelor ball n chain and also a marker that writes on plastic. Have all the bachelor's and groomsmen sign the ball for a momento of the weekend. If you get a fine point marker, don't press too hard to puncture the blow up ball. The finer plastic writing pen (we suggest gold color) will give you the chance to write some funny comments as well.

Bachelor Party Boobie DodgeBall:
Every play a good ole bachelor party fun game of dodgeball? We bring it to a whole new level with a boobie ball that is soft and squishy, taking the bachelor party game to a whole new level! Whether you are at a home party, bar, pool or out on the town, this bachelor bean ball is a great way to have some fun with the guys! Place this ball and one other like it in your shirt, and you have taken the night to a whole new level! Can someone say Pamela Anderson!

Bachelor Party Titsbee:
Take the old game of football Frisbee and add a Frisbee in the shape of a boobie and you have football titsbee! This small little titsbee is light and easy to carry for any bachelor party outing. Whip it out and throw it around, no matter where you are. You are sure to attract some attention and have some fun!

Mardi Gras Madness Night:
Have the bachelor wear
Mardi Gras Beads as well as the groomsmen and see who can get the most women to flash for those beads. You can have the Bachelor also wear the Light-up Boob Beads that are sure to get attention for the ladies!

Monkey Madness:
Have all the guys get the Pecker Popping Monkey Keychains and place them on the front of your pants. See which groomsman can get the most girls to touch the monkey when you all ask "Will you squeeze my Monkey?" It has become a bachelor favorite and you can find them here.

Pin The Boobs on the Babe:
This game is sure to make every guy laugh as they try to attach the cardboard boobs on the poster of the woman. You can order this game here.

Scavenger Hunt:
Have the guys come up with 10 things the Bachelor has to do. We have listed some ideas for you below:

a) Kiss a girl with the same name as your Fiancé.
b) Have a girl buy you a drink.
c) Get a girl's underwear.
d) Have the girl do a body shot off of you (friends can help get the girl).
e) Dance by yourself on the dance floor.
f) Get a lap dance from a stripper or a girl at a bar.
g) Get a tampon from a girl.
h) Have ten write on a piece of paper why it is wrong for you to get married.
i) Serenade a girl at a bar that you don't know.
j) Find a Bachelor party or a party of girls and get in a picture with them.

We suggest that you handcuff the Bachelor to the Judy Doll or to a Ball and Chain until he finishes the scavenger hunt!

Scavenger Hunt:
Have all the guys go out on a scavenger hunt that is set up by the Best Man or a friend. Give the guys clues as they drive or walk around to their next clue. You can even add in drinking, which would occur after each clue is found. It would be important to have a sober driver or a limo/buss service.

Drinking Games:
Get buzzed with the guys while playing Bachelor drinking games. Add even more spice by playing games with our Shot Glasses and the Booby Party Whistle.

Guess The Stripper:
If you are having a stripper (or strippers) at the bachelor party, a fun game is to have all the guys, after the stripper leaves, receive a pre-made paper for each guy that asks the following questions:

a) What was the stripper wearing at the beginning?
b) What was the female dancer's eye color and hair color?
c) How tall was the stipper?
d) What color undies was the female dancer wearing (if any)?
e) What song did the stripper dance to?
f) How many songs were played during her stay and what were they (titles of songs)?
g) How many groomsmen did the exotic dancer dance with?
h) What was the strippers name?
i) Insert other questions here and copy this paper for the girls

Make sure to ask the stripper or strippers who come to the bachelor party these questions before they start so you will have the answers when she or they leave. It is really fun to see what type of answer the groomsmen state to see who was paying keen attention and who was just watching ass!!!

Golf and Fishing:
For your golf and fishing needs, check out our Sexy Golf Tees and our Booby Fishing Lure which are sure to get the guys laughing!

Walking Booby Racers:
A day at the races with these little fellows. Wind the little Boobies, place them in a row on a flat surface and they're off! Give the winner a Gift from our Gift or Toy Sections.

Mod Squad:
It's time to go under-cover Mission Impossible style with Boobie Squirt Guns. Your mission: Choose a woman with certain characteristics (i.e., the same name as the Fiancé, red hair, or whatever you want to make up) and send the guys out for the squirt. This game is really fun when played in a crowded pool at a hotel.

Funniest Story:
Have the guys tell the funniest stories they have experienced with the Bachelor. This is a great way for people to get to know one another. Give a small gift or purchase a lap dance for the guy who has the funniest story.

Card Games:
There is nothing like good old card games, except it's a little more fun when you play with Nude Female Playing Cards. Go Fish, Poker, and Black Jack will never be the same with these cards containing hotties! Poker games have always been a hit at bachelor parties, combine the cards with drinking and you've got game

Paint Ball:
Go commando style and take the guys for a paint ball war. Break up into two teams or play some other guys who want to join in and crush them!

Bachelor Party Boob Cake Creating and Eating Contest:
Here is a fun bachelor party game for the last night out, when you are having a home party or away party (pre-cooked cakes). First get yourself a few bachelor boobie cake pans and cook a few of your favorite cake recipes in them (around 3). Next, on the day of the bachelor party, bring different colored frosting, sprinkles and other bachelor party candy and break all the groomsmen into different teams of 3. Have the groups decorate the bachelor party cakes with the most realistic cake, funniest cake and most creative winning little bachelor party gifts like the boobie dodgeball. You are sure to have a memorable time with this bachelor party game.

Bachelor Party Foreign Exchange Program
Pretend that all the bachelors are from a specific country. Choose the country (i.e., France, Soviet Union, Sweden, Italy) and have all your buddies speak with an accent while out on the town. Tell any girl you meet (in your accent) that you are from that country and here for a bachelor party. It is even better if you have one or a few of the guys who can actually speak a certain language in his native tongue so it is more believable. The bachelor party game comes in where the first guy to blow the cover and have a girl not believe them has to then do a dare or drink a shot. This is a fun game to play when out of town, at a bar or restaurant. You will have a memorable time with this one!


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