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Whether you are home or away for your Bachelor Party you can have a memorable and fun time by playing games.

Below, we have listed the top games that Bachelors have given to us that made their party a success:

Which Starlette
Get a few bachelor party blow up dolls and dress them up like female celebrity and rock star divas. Have the guys guess who the stars are and they get to have someone do a shot for the right answer.

Dessert Island
Have all the guys write down the star they would most want to do! Take all the answers and read them out loud. See who can guess the most grooms to the right celebrities. Throw a few funny ones in like Betty White, Whoopie Goldberg and a few others! A great and easy bachelor party game!

Bachelor Party Word Kitty
Every dude has a word that they say more than others. Have the bachelor task each person in the group to not say the word that is most common to them (i.e., "like", "really", "dude") or a general word that no one can say (i.e., like a common cuss word). Anyone using that word at the bachelor party pays the bachelor $1.00 a slip. A great way for the bachelor to make some spending money on his last night out!

Bobbie Cake Making
Make Hell's Kitchen by challenging the groomsmen to make boobie cakes by using the boobie cake pans. Break them up in groups and give them cake batter to impress the groom with double d's that you can eat! Get a few pans and have a ball!

Guess the real stripper from the bachelor party blow up doll
Blow up a few bachelor party blow up dolls and place wigs on them. Blindfold the groom and have the dolls in chairs with wigs. Place a real stripper in another chair with a wig. Have the groom feel all three wigs to see if he can guess the real bachelor party stripper. Bring the bachelor party stripper after he is blindfolded to surprise him.

Pass Out
Go out to local bars and have clues for the bachelor to figure out at each stop. Have a bachelor party limo so everyone can drink. To make it easy, place a bachelor party shot glass around the groom's neck so he doesn't have to go to far for another round. Just don't get him too drunk or you will have to answer to his wife-to-be!

Condoms in the Coutch
A funny game is to get a bachelor party blow up doll and colored condoms and toss the condoms like horse shoes to see who can get the condoms in the love holes of the bachelor party blow up doll! Play for points since there are a few love holes!

Condom Golf
Go out golfing with the guys but make everyone use the bottoms up golf tees. Talking about a handicap - Also use the exploding condom golf ball with the groom and get some great laughs!

Which Girlfriend Did The Groom...
Find out from the groom about his past girlfriends and some funny stories prior to the bachelor party. Have all the guys hear each story and guess which girlfriend the story relates to. Lots of fun and great memories (or embarrassing ones!)

Who Would the Groom Rather Do
A fun game is to ask the groom which of the two pairs below he would rather shtup. Have everyone guess and see who gets the most right. Great fun in a group no matter where you are for the bachelor party:

Ginger or MaryAnn?
Betty Rubble or Wilma Flinstone?
Jane Jetson or Minnie Mouse?
Jan or Marsha Bradey?
Morticia Adams or Elvira?
Nicole Eggert or Pamela Anderson (Baywatch)?
Christina Applegate or Alysa Milano?
Teri Hatcher or Eva Longoria?
Jessica Simpson or Catherin Bach playing Daisy Duke?
Jessica Simpson or Christina Aguilera?
Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton?

Come up with your own and have some fun.

Fast Boobie Pass
This bachelor party game is like the old game of hot potato. Have all the guys in a circle and pass one of the booby dodge balls. Play some of your favorite bachelor party music and when the music stops, that person is out who is holding the ball. Have that person drink or change the rules and have everyone do a shot of beer until the last person stands! A really fun bachelor party game and easy to play anywhere.

Trust the Groomsmen
This bachelor party game brings you back to the fraternity days. Ask the groom to trust his groomsmen and have him stand on a chair or table - barefoot - with shards of glass below him. Blind fold him and then turn the chair around a few times. What he will not know is that you have corn flakes on the other side of the chair so when he jumps to trust the groomsmen, he is jumping into cornflakes which for one moment feels like glass. Another great bachelor party game of trust the groomsmen is to have the bachelor have a glass with a goldfish inside. Blindfold him again and tell him to trust his groomsmen to drink the cup of goldfish. What he will not know is that you will change out the glass, telling him you will be adding one more goldfish and really you will be replacing the glass with apple juice with two slices of peaches inside. See if he will do this. A great bachelor party game!

Bachelor Party Word Find
Create a matrix and place in rows and columns of related words to the bachelor party going horizontal and vertical, filling in the rest of the spaces with letters. Use words like Stripper, groomsmen, bachelor party, stag party, ripped, matrimony, pussy-whipped, and other funny words. Copy the word find and give it to all the guys to see who can find all the hidden bachelor party words and buy that guy a drink.

Bachelor Party Word Shot
Have each bachelor own a word that no one can say for the rest of the evening like bachelor, groom, awesome, money, girls, etc. Any time the owner of the word finds someone saying that word, they have to take a shot. An easy bachelor party game to play anywhere.

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Please send in more games ideas to Have a great time!



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