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Whether you are home or away for your Bachelor Party you can have a memorable and fun time by playing games.
Below, we have listed the top games that Bachelors have given to us that made their party a success:

Whose Line Is It?
We all love movie lines. Go around the room and state a movie line for someone to guess first. The first person to get it correct can choose someone to do a shot or drink one himself and then it is their turn to think of a movie line for the group.

Guess the Celebrity
Get some bachelor party blow up dolls and dress them as certain celebrities. Place them in chairs and have each of the guys guess which celebrity they represent. A fun bachelor party game that will have all the guys laughing!

Never Again For The Groom
An easy bachelor party game where you have all the groomsmen write down something they will never do again after they get married (or when they got married). Ideas like leaving the toilet seat up, singing to Britney spears, dancing naked in front of a full size mirror are the type of answers you may hear. Collect everyone's anonymous answers and read them out loud to guess which groom wrote each of them!

Ice Breaker and Sometimes TMI
Have the best man or bachelor party planner speak with each party person prior to the last night out in finding out one or two things that no one may know about them. Who once kissed Jessica Simpson, was a male dancer, once climbed Mount Everest, boxed professionally, etc. Ask for some funny ones and make sure they are all real. Read them out loud during the bachelor party to see if everyone can guess the answers. A lot of fun and a great ice breaker game to play at the beginning of the evening.

Pimp the Groom
A simple bachelor party game where you get a hanging beer glass and fill them with money that women at bars and restaurants are willing to give to contribute to the drunkenness of the groom. Girls can also write funny messages and tips if they want instead of giving cash. At the end of the game, see which groomsmen brought in the most money for the groom to drink for the evening. You can also pimp him out for kisses to have him earn extra money. See who the best businessman is in bringing in the mullah.

Desert Island Dream
So the bachelor is getting married soon. It doesn't mean he still doesn't have some fantasies of his favorite celebs he wishes were on his desert island. A really great bachelor party game is to have the best man or one of the groomsmen cut out some celebs from the internet or magazines and all guess how the groom will rank them on his desert island. Give the guy who guesses the most close a shot! Easy to play anywhere.

Find the Groom
Have all the guys wear bachelor party supplies and go to a group of girls to see if they can guess who the groom-to-be is. Have each of the girls as one of the bachelor party guys a question to see if they can guess with a 20 questions game. For each girl who gets it wrong, they have to do a dare or answer a truth question. For the girl who gets it right, she can think of five dares the groom must do or he must purchase a shot for her. A great and easy bachelor party game.

Bachelor Pick Up Straws
This is the fun bachelor party game of pickup sticks but with vagina straws where you and your friends get a few packs of straws and place them on top of each other, removing one at a time. Whoever moves other straws when lifting one off the others has to drink a shot. A great multiuse of bachelor party supplies.

Bachelor Party Beach Sculptures
Take all your buddies to the beach for the bachelor party and sit in a remote area. Have each of the participants sculpt the best female body or body part and have the groom-to-be judge. A very easy bachelor party game that will get a lot of laughs!

Most Embarrassing Moments
Ask the guys to all write down on paper or text their most embarrassing moments. Read them out loud during the bachelor party and see how many the groom can get right on who did what. A really fun bachelor party game that can be played anywhere.

Bachelor Food for Thought
It is true that we think of women's anatomy 24/7 and what better to make a bachelor party game out of it. Gather a bunch of fruit, candy and other vegetables that can be eaten later - along with condiments (i.e., katchup, mustard, relish). Have all your buddy's take 10 minutes to create a female anatomy or something racy using the food. Take some pictures of the creations and give out bachelor party prizes for the most creative, funniest, etc. Have some fun with this bachelor party game.

Bachelor Party Rockfest
Have your buddies dress up and give the performance of a lifetime. Get the guys in groups and have them come up for 15 minutes with a song about the groom. Make it as funny and dis-tasteful as you want. Grab some spoons and cups wherever you are and give a performance of your song to the groom. Record this on an iPhone and keep for memorable laughs. An original bachelor party game from our site!

Bachelor Party Triathlon
Have all your buddies dress in leisure suites that they can get from their fathers, from costume shop or thrift store. Get bow ties, velour know the dress. Choose three sports that everyone will need to play for points in during the last night out in all their fashion glory. Play one bachelor party game which you can find on the cigar navigation that states "games" as well as two real sports like basketball and soccer. Break them up into teams and give out a cheesy trophy to the winners at the end. A great last night out activity that can start prior to the bachelor party entertainment.

Stripper Scavenger Hunt
There is nothing as fun as a good ole scavenger hunt with your buddies, especially during the bachelor party. This bachelor party game has a twist as you need to find the stripper during the scavenger hunt. Come up with clues to bars, restaurants, stores and clubs and get ever group to get a sober driver. At one of the stops will be a stripper who has to be identified. Just make sure you have the right girl or it can get very embarrassing. Extra points for the team finding the stripper first.

Bachelor Truth or Exaggeration
It is always fun to tell your buddies stories, whether truthful or made up in getting reactions. A really fun bachelor party game that can be played anywhere is to all go around the wolf pack and state one of the most crazy, exciting, mischievous, etc. stories that has ever happened to you. See if everyone can guess if you are being truthful or pulling their leg! See how many score high points after going around. A really great idea to play in a limo, at a club, restaurant or when there is a little lull or downtime.

Bachelor Bowling
A great way to start off the evening is with a bachelor party bowling game. Play teams and have the first team to win have the other team buy them shots After a few games, it is time to get in the limo and go to your favorite watering hole, nightclub or strip club for more fun entertainment.

One for the Gipper
Have everyone think of one appropriate dare and write it out on a piece of paper. It needs to be something that is not too crazy/embarrassing so it will be carried out. Things such as "serenade a girl", "ask for a bj shot", "dance with a random girl", and so on. Have each bachelor choose a buddy at your party to have him read the dare for you to carry out. If you are not willing to do the dare, you must by him a drink or shot. The bachelor decides if the dare is too extreme which leads to that person to choose someone else to provide him a dare and the person with the extreme dare to write a new one. At the end, the bachelor gets to choose the best dare carried out and that person earns respect for the evening from his mates. This is a really fun bachelor party game.

Drink a Song
Take one of your favorite songs that has a repetitive word (one of our favorites is Roxanne) and have everyone drink whenever the song repeats that word. You can find songs that repeat a word 30-50 times so be careful and drink responsibly - especially for the bachelor!

Bachelor Sir Mix A lot
Get a bunch of alcohol and alcohol mixers for this excellent bachelor party game. Have each person write their name down and choose another bachelor's name out of a hat. That will be his drinking buddy who will try their mates concoctions. Each person will make a drink mixture/shot of their own that they think is best. Their drinking partner will judge them from one to ten, with the tens being re-created for the groom-to-be to try. The winner gets a bachelor party gag gift! A fun way to all get buzzed as long as you have a sober driver!

Bachelor Party Idol
Have each of the groomsmen find a girl who has a talent and will participate in a 2 minute act. Make each girl perform a talent and incentivize them with a shot or drink. Have the bachelor choose his favorite act! A great game brought to you by us!

Bachelor Blunders
Have some fun with the groomsmen and set up fake accidents in front of girls to see the responses. Do some trips, falling off stools, drinks spilling down your shirt, stuttering crazy talk to girls. Buy some shots for the best in show. Make sure to take pictures and videos of these funny stunts and make a memory book for the groom to be.


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