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Bachelor Party Stripper Expert Advice:
The 411 on Bachelor Party Female Strippers

By: Suriya from

Bachelor Party StripperHello and thanks for stopping by bachelor party fun's stripper directory above. Bachelor Party Fun is your one-stop source for putting together the perfect bachelor party with a full assortment of bachelor party supplies in addition to links to bachelor party female strippers and strippers in every city. Below we are lucky enough to have a veteran bachelor party stripper who will give you the run down on hiring any bachelor party entertainer and what to do:

I am writing to provide you with some insight on throwing an unforgettable bachelor party from an insider's perspective. I am a bachelor party planner and event coordinator in New Orleans and the Gulf South. I have assisted hundreds of discerning gentlemen with their bachelor parties. For an idea of the services I provide, visit my website, Bachelor Party New Orleans.

No bachelor party is complete without strippers. You must decide whether to round up your crew and head to a strip club or hire exotic entertainers to come to you. Sure, bachelor party strip clubs can be fun, but they're also very expensive. Strip club cover charges and a couple of drinks for a group of twenty guys can run nearly $1000 and that's just for the privilege of sitting in the club. That's before anyone in your bachelor party has been treated to any "personal" attention from the female strippers. When a couple of bachelors get lead off to the champagne room, things spiral out of control quickly.

Instead of wasting all that money on the bachelor party strip club "experience," why not have a much more intimate and exciting party by having the bachelor party female strippers come to you? Pay for the strippers, not the glitzy lights and overpriced drinks at the club. My girls know how to entertain a bachelor party and will give you the individual attention you desire. They will get up close and personal and make sure that everyone at the party has a night to remember. If you've been to this kind of bachelor party, you probably know what I mean.

What do you need to know to book a bachelor party service? Well, bachelor party services charge an hourly fee for the girls. Just like the girls at a strip club, entertainers will also expect and appreciate tips while they perform. The more you tip, the wilder the show will get.

How do you choose the right bachelor party service? In this industry, I have found that you DO get what you pay for. Be careful of the old bait-and-switch routine. Cut rate service providers may post fake pictures of girls on their websites who don't actually work for them. If all the girls look like models and the service is ready to send you two of them for $300-$400, keep looking. When your party rolls around, they will send you two really skanky chicks and tell you that the models were "unavailable tonight."

How many girls do you need? I recommend one bachelor party stripper for groups of five or less, two bachelor party entertainers for groups between six and twenty and three bachelor party girls for groups larger than twenty.

How many hours should you book? I always recommend booking the extra hour for your party. If you initially are thinking one hour, get two. If you are thinking two, get three. No guy-especially the bachelor-- ever wants to see the female strippers leave. The last thing your party is going to want to hear is that the girls have to go because of another booking. If you book that extra hour ahead of time, this will not be a problem.

How do you prepare for the party? Don't forget that this IS a party. Have a wide variety of drinks available. When you book a show, ask me what the bachelor party female strippers' favorite drinks are. Everyone at the bachelor party should be in a festive mood to celebrate this once (or maybe twice) in a lifetime experience.

What do you do once the girls arrive? Please remember the bachelor party entertainers are professionals. They specialize in bachelor and bachelorette parties. They will put on a show for you and your guests. The Bachelor and the Best Man will be the focus of their attention, but they WILL entertain each and every one of your guests. Be sure that all of your bachelor party guests are prepared with plenty of cash for tipping--$1s, $5s, $10s, $20s and $100s are all appreciated. The more the girls are tipped, the more attention they will give the tipper. Like any girl, they love attention. Please do not be rude, rough or obnoxious with them. That sort of behavior is not tolerated and may make them leave on the earlier side.

What happens when your time is up but you want the girls to stay a little longer? If your group tips really well, the ladies might just decide to stay a little longer than their allotted hour or two to be sure everyone has a smile on their face at the end of the night. Our bachelor party female strippers have been known to stay out with the bachelor party 'til the wee hours of the night on Bourbon Street.

Some bachelor party groups have had a lot of fun renting a balcony room and tossing beads with the exotic dancers down to the tourists on the street. Imagine their surprise when they recruited a couple of amateur "strippers" from the street below to join the party. Other groups have taken things on the road with famous party bus rentals and traveled from nightclubs to strip clubs with lap dances on the road in between stops. Anything really is possible!

If you have any bachelor party planning questions, please email us at and we can answer them and get back to you with help.
Also visit our bachelor party supplies section for more help in planning your bachelor party.



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